All your Label Needs


Lustre-Cal offers complete production capabilities for manufacturing individual, sheet, fanfold or roll labels, printed in an unlimited variety of colors including digital and four-color processes, on a wide variety of materials.

Property ID Labels

Property ID labels help enable asset management, protect against loss and theft, provide for maintenance tracking and facilitate insurance claims. unlimited variety of colors including digital and four-color processes, on a wide variety of materials.

Domed Labels

Polyurethane Doming
Creates a Unique Look
Doming is the process of applying a catalyzed liquid resin to the surface of a printed substrate, creating a 3-D lens that enhances the depth and brightness of the graphics.


Your label or nameplate is the face of your brand. And just as with your brand, quality is everything.

Compliance Labels

Whether for government, transportation or other requirements, Lustre-Cal offers labeling for all leading compliance formats and regulatory requirements, including barcodes and variable data.

Panels Overlays

Panel overlays are the ultimate blend of form and function. As a result, overlays often need to withstand heavy use or harsh conditions, without losing either their outward design or the inner function.


Rapid prototyping is essential for everything from proof of concept to investor presentations to product launches.

Membrane Switches

At Lustre-Cal, we're experts in manufacturing membrane switches for everything from medical equipment to sprinkler controls.

Custom-converted Materials

Custom converting gives you the ability to create custom components from materials not generally available or that may otherwise be too labor intensive or impractical.


Lustre-Cal is a leader in creating designs that maximize electromagnetic compatibilities (EMC) to ensure minimal electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) in circuited equipment.

Parking Permits

From simple to full-color graphics, we can deliver affordable parking permits to meet any need.

Wine Labels

Watermark Labels, a cutting edge label company, equipped with state of the art technology and unparalleled customer service.